Q: Do I need a passport?
A: If you’re traveling from the USA via air, no, because Alaska is a state.
If you’re traveling from another country, yes, because Alaska is part of the USA.

Q: Do places in Alaska take US currency?
A: Yes, because we’re part of the United States.

Q: What is public transit like in Anchorage?
A: Limited. There are some bus routes, but not a ton of options. We also have Uber, Lyft, and taxicabs.

Q: What else is there to do in the area if I want to arrive before, or stay after, Interhash?
A: Check out the “Around Town” page

Q: Will we see Denali from Anchorage?
A: If it’s clear enough, yes. Anchorage is over 100 miles away from the mountain. Most people can’t see Denali while in the national park due to clouds.